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School Advisory Council Information Page

WCES School Advisory Council


The following are members and officers of SAC for the 2019-2020 school year: 

Bethany Mitidieri
Kristin Fanning
Courtney Martin
Lisa Martin
Judy Piggott
Jennifer Lusk
Kristen Walker
Alexandra Kanellis
Russell Cooke
Kimberlee Pagan
Christina Watson
Krystle Luke
Lisa Urban
Samantha LaBeach
Sarah Diotte
Amy Romano

SAC members MUST contact either Laura Jutte, Kristin Fanning, or Bethany Mitidieri in advance of missing a meeting to be considered “excused.” SAC members who are unexcused from 2 consecutive meetings will be replaced.


To assist the principal:

  • In preparing the annual School Improvement Plan and to subsequently evaluate the results of that plan
  • With the annual school budget.

SAC is also one way that parents can voice their concerns to the administration.

By Florida law, SAC is constructed to represent all segments of a school’s community – parents, teachers, administrators, support staff, business people, and other interested community members.

SAC operates in accordance with the “Sunshine Law” and anyone can attend any SAC meeting. If you have a question, concern, or suggestion for the continued improvement of our excellent school, please contact one of your SAC representatives.


 The Wards Creek School Advisory Council will serve as a bridge in order to best advocate for children, communicate with families, educate our community, to strengthen our Wards Creek family and inspire a legacy of leaders.


meeting dates 2019-2020

Meetings begin at 3:30 PM in the WCE Media Center