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Educational Design

The school is built around an architectural concept of four “houses” within two wings of the school. ~Each “house” contains eight classrooms with moveable magnetic walls to facilitate a variety of teaching and learning styles. Each classroom also contains its own restroom. A large commons area is located in the middle of the classrooms that includes a computer lab and kitchen area. There is a large physical education area including a basketball court, covered play area and outdoor restrooms (Elementary schools in Florida do not have a gymnasium!).~A large “cafetorium” including a stage area is available for eating breakfast and lunch as well as special performances by the students. The school also includes a large music room, an indoor and outdoor art classroom, and media center which includes a TV Production room for broadcasting live and taped programs throughout the school. A reverse feed video system allows classroom activities to be broadcast from any classroom throughout the entire school.

Since many of the students and teachers would be transferred from Mill Creek Elementary to the new school, teachers at Mill Creek were asked to provide input into the type of furniture they felt would benefit a differentiated instruction model. Out of those discussions each classroom was outfitted with write-on student desks, chairs, computer work stations, literacy center bookshelves, moveable organizer cabinet, movable storage units, teacher desk, and kidney-shaped table.

Teachers were also asked to provide input into what kind of technology would facilitate an actively engaged instructional technology model. Out of those discussions, teachers were provided an audio-enhancement system, instructional technology cart that included a teacher laptop computer, wireless keyboard and mouse, video tape player and tuner, document camera, and a ceiling mounted LCD projector. Teachers were then able to request either 4-student computers or 2-student computers and a SmartBoard for their classroom. Six computers were also installed in each of the house’s computer labs.

Additional Wing Added

Shortly after school began in 2007, enrollment increased to the point that 5 additional portable units had to be added to the school. In 2009, the School Board decided to add an additional wing of eight classrooms to the school. This additional wing was completed in January of 2010.