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Wards Creek Elementary is an elementary school within the St. Johns County, Florida School District. It officially opened on August 24, 2007 with 680 students. However, the vision and planning of Wards Creek began long before that date.

Nestled in a longtime rural area of St. Johns County, Florida, the plot of land that would become Wards Creek was originally a field surrounded by farms. Then, as the population exploded in the early 2000’s, another school was needed to relieve Mill Creek Elementary.

The excitement of a new school and new opportunities created a sense of community as neighbors and friends talked about “School K.” ~Parents and students were able to nominate and vote for their favorite school name and eventually the school mascot. ~The school was originally named, “World Golf Village Elementary,” but copy write issues surfaced and the school was renamed, “Wards Creek Elementary.” ~The “Wards” were a local family that had been in our area for generations and lived along a creek near the school. ~The students then chose “Warriors” as the school mascot with black and gold being the school colors.