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Welcome to the Warrior Cafe

Mrs. Hargus, Cafe Manager


11/1/2023- In early October, the Food and Nutrition Service Department (FNS) was notified by our dairy provider of a nationwide milk carton shortage.  Whereas in the past we would serve 3-4 varieties of milk, we are currently down to 2 varieties (1% white and Skim Chocolate).

Projections have the dairy running out of chocolate containers by the first week of November.  All efforts are being made to continue to have 1% white milk available until all other varieties come back in stock around the first of the year.

FNS will continue to work with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service to provide approved alternative beverage choices, most likely juice and water, for meals going forward.

-Mike Baker, Director

New breakfast price $1.75
New lunch price $3.25


May 2024 Lunch Menu


Free and Reduced Priced Meal Application – REMINDER:

Parents are encouraged to complete one Free and Reduced Price Meal Application per family, rather than one per child. The application can be obtained ONLINE at and printed off and completed or one can be completed on line by following the link to on line Free and Reduced Family Meal Application.

Schools have limited availability of printed applications. This single application for the family may be returned to any of the District schools where parents have a child/children enrolled; we prefer that parents return the application to the school where their youngest child is enrolled. The schools will be sending all completed applications to the District School Food Services Office for centralized approval.

Until the application is processed and approved by the District Food Service Office, any meal charges will be the responsibility of the adult/guardian. The approval process can take up to ten (10) days at the beginning of the school year.

Your student’(s) meal status (free or reduced) at the end of a school year will continue through the first 30 days of the next school year. Unless a new Family Meal Application has been processed and approved by the 30th day of school, your student’(s) meal status will revert to PAID. You may complete a lunch application at any time during the school year.

Food Service Information – Commonly Asked Questions

    • All students will receive a personal identification number (PIN) for their meal account at school start-up. This can range from a three to five-digit number. Your student should memorize this number and not share with any other students as this number is directly tied to their personal account. Your student will use this PIN number until he/she leaves Wards Creek. When the student moves to middle or high school, a new number is assigned. Student Identification Scanners are used at Wards Creek, to access their account. All students are issued a Scan card with a bar code for their number.
    • Negative Food Service Account Balance Policy
      • At $0 balance, no a la carte purchases are permitted. Any debt must be paid before a la carte purchases can be made.
        • When the student’s account balance reaches a negative balance, the Food Service Manager will communicate with the parent(s) or guardian via letter, email, and/or phone call. An application for free or reduced lunch will be offered to the parent/guardian when the negative balance reaches $10.00.
        • Once the negative $15.00 balance is exceeded, the Food Service Manager will alert school administration of the negative balance issue.
        • A follow-up with Student Services will occur if the parent/guardian does not respond.
    • You can set up an account with PayPams to review student meal transactions, set up balance alerts, and make payments to their lunch account using a credit card.
    • Wards Creek offers additional snacks for purchase during breakfast and lunch. This includes items such as chips, fruit rollups, bottled water, and yogurt. In addition, ice cream options will be available to First-Fifth Grades all week, however; Kindergarten students will be restricted to ice cream options available for purchase on Fridays only.  The selections may change throughout the year.  These items range in price from $0.25 – $1.25 and are not included in the paid, free or reduced priced “school lunch”. All customers may purchase snacks with cash or by using money in their lunch account, unless sufficient funds are not in the lunch account.
    • Restrictions can be placed on your student’s meal account. Once restrictions are placed, they cannot be removed unless the parent provides the food service manager with a letter asking for the restrictions to be removed.  Some examples:  No snacks, 1 Snack Friday only, No Sales
    • Prepayments to your child’s meal account with a debit or credit card can be made by logging into PayPams.  Payments can also be received by the food service manager in form of check or cash. If check is used, please indicate students’ name and student personal identification number (PIN) on the check in the memo section. All checks Must have an Address and 2 phone numbers. Prepayment is encouraged as it assists in movement of students through the line.  Students should turn all money/checks into their teacher upon entering the classroom in the morning. Checks are the preferable form of payment, but If sending cash, please place in a sealed envelope with student name and PIN#.
    • If your child has food allergies, please provide the school nurse with a physician’s note indicating the allergies and the appropriate substitutions that are recommended by the physician or medical authority.
    • The food service manager, Mrs. Hargus, is on site prior to the school starting to begin breakfast meal preparation and departs from the school upon completion of lunch. Inquiries should be made prior to meal service time (6:30am – 8:00am) or immediately after meal service (1pm-2pm).
    • She can also be reached at 904-547-8739 or by email  Mrs. Hargus – Cafe Manager
    • Cash refunds are addressed at the school level and require a written request. Please contact the food service manager for instructions for a refund. Check refunds will be processed thru the district office.
    • Student account balances can be obtained on the PayPams website at no charge to you. Your student’s account balance, either positive or negative, from the previous school year will roll into the new school year unless a refund has been requested.
    • A Full Student Breakfast consists of either a Hot Entrée or Toast and Cereal, Milk, Juice and/or fruit.
    • A Full Student Lunch consists of at least 3 of the 5 choices offered as Components: 1 Entrée (meat/meat alternative), Grain, 2 Vegetables, 1 Fruit, and Low Fat Milk.
    • Each lunch MUST have either a fruit or vegetable to be considered a Full Lunch.  If your student only takes 2 components or 3 components but none of them are a fruit or vegetable, they will be charged separately for each item.  We inform each student, when they reach the register, if they need an additional component to make a complete meal, but we cannot require them to take an additional component.