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Wards Creek Elementary
Learning Leaders

Front Office Team
Mrs. Mitidieri
Principal Email
Mr. Klein Assistant Principal Email
Ms. Orta Instructional/Literacy Coach Email
Mrs. Adolf Guidance Counselor Email Guidance Site
Mrs. Angelus
Secretary/Bookkeeper Email
Mrs. Yurkovich Receptionist Email Send Transportation Changes
Mrs. Stewart Data Operator Email Registration Site
Mrs. Franzoi Cafeteria Manager Email Warrior Cafe
Mr. Lundquist Maintenance Manager Email
Mrs. Hooks Extended Day Coordinator Email Extended Day Site
Mrs. Lee School Nurse Email Clinic Site
Mrs. Kraft LEA Clerk Email
Mr. Belcher Technology Support Specialist
Mrs. Hicks
School Psychologist Email
Mrs. Crespo
Behavior Specialist
Mrs. Thomas Guidance Clerk Email
Kindergarten Learning Leaders
Mrs. Belcher Kindergarten Team
Mrs. Fisher Kindergarten Team Gone Fishing with Ms. Fisher
Mrs. Lusk Kindergarten Team Learning is a HOOT with Mrs. Lusk
Mrs. Tatman Kindergarten Team Mrs. Tatman’s Rockstars
Mrs Romano Kindergarten Team Mrs. Romano’s Site
1st Grade Learning Leaders
Mrs. Adams
1st Grade Team Ms. Adams’ Site
Mrs. Miller 1st Grade Team
Mrs. Piggott 1st Grade Team Mrs. Piggott’s Site
Mrs. Shinkre 1st Grade Team
Mrs. Washington 1st Grade Team  Mrs. Washington’s Site
2nd Grade Learning Leaders
Mrs. Cooper 2nd Grade Team Ms. Cooper’s Site
 Mrs. Rose 2nd Grade Team Mrs. Rose’s Site
Mr. Simpson 2nd Grade Team Mr. Simpson’s Site
Mrs. Smith 2nd Grade Team Ms. Smith’s Site
Mrs. Hayes 2nd Grade Team
Mrs. Hodgdon 2nd Grade Team Ms. Hodgdon’s Site
3rd Grade Learning Leaders
Mrs. Allen 3rd Grade Team Mrs. Allen’s Site
Mrs. Abbey
3rd Grade Team
Mrs. Kamm  3rd Grade Team
Mrs. Keller 3rd Grade Team Mrs. Keller’s Site
Mr. Milite 3rd Grade Team Mr. Milite’s Site
Mrs. Walker 3rd Grade Team
4th Grade Learning Leaders
Mrs. Hagan 4th Grade Team
Mrs. Fanning 4th Grade Team Mrs. Fanning’s Site
Mrs. Shreves 4th Grade Team
Mrs. Lawless 4th Grade Team
Mrs. Dean 4th Grade Team Mrs. Dean’s Site
5th Grade Learning Leaders
Mrs. Badger 5th Grade Team Ms. Badger’s Site
Mrs. Brock 5th Grade Team Ms. Brock’s Site
Mrs. Blaylock 5th Grade Team
Mrs. Fairchild 5th Grade Team
Mrs. Hansen
5th Grade Team
Mrs. Lahatte 5th Grade Team
Mrs. Neel 5th Grade Team
Related Arts Team
Mr Heise
Physical Fitness Leader
Mrs. Roof Physical Fitness Paraprofessional
Mr. James Music Leader
Mrs. Hinman Media Leader Media Site
 Mrs. Vergara Media Clerk Media Site
Mrs. Stimson Art Leader Art Site
ESE/Supported Academic Team
Mrs. Baker Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Baker’s Site
Mrs. Kaeser Paraprofessional  
Mrs. Kennedy Paraprofessional
Mrs. Kaye
Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Meyer Paraprofessional
Mrs. Keller Paraprofessional
Mrs. Wright Academic Support
Mrs. Madanick Academic Support
Mrs. Peterson Academic Support Paraprofessional
Mrs. O’Rourke VPK & PreK Mrs. Lissa’s Site
Mrs. Wright VPK & PreK
Mrs. Wilson VPK & PreK
Mrs. Flowers VPK Paraprofessional
Mrs. Stone Gifted Consultative Teacher Ms. Stone’s Site
Mrs. Whitlock Physical Therapist
Mrs. Russell Occupational Therapist
Extended Day Learning Leaders
Mrs. Hooks Extended Day Coordinator Email Extended Day Site
Mrs. Kennedy Extended Day Group Leader Extended Day Site
Mrs. Pickett Extended Day Group Leader Extended Day Site
 Mrs. Ellis Extended Day Group Leader Extended Day Site
 Mrs. Diaz Extended Day Group Leader Extended Day Site
Parent Teacher Organization
Mrs. Williams President  Email
Mrs. Janssen
1st Vice President
 Mrs. Lunsford 2nd Vice President
Mrs. LaHatte Recording Secretary
Mrs. Miller  Corresponding Secretary  Email
 Mrs. Miller Treasurer
 Mrs. Beringer Parliamentarian
Mrs. Bigam Volunteer Coordinator  Email
 Mrs. Bell Room Parent Liaison
 Mrs. LaBeach  School Advisory Committee (SAC) Liaison
 Mrs. Beringer Business Partner Liaison
Mrs. Romano Teacher Liaison