Learning Leaders

Wards Creek Elementary
Learning Leaders 2017-2018
Front Office Team
Bethany Mitidieri
Principal [email protected]
Kevin Klein Assistant Principal [email protected]
Adriana Orta-Vidales Instructional/Literacy Coach [email protected]
Leanne Adolf Guidance Counselor [email protected] Guidance Site
Penny Angelus
Secretary/Bookkeeper [email protected]
Anita Yurkovich Receptionist [email protected] Send Transportation Changes
Tammy Stewart Data Entry Operator/Registrar [email protected] Registration Site
 Jill Franzoi Cafeteria Manager [email protected] Warrior Cafe
Tim Lundquist Maintenance Manager [email protected]
Christina King Extended Day Coordinator [email protected] Extended Day Site
Michelle Lee School Nurse [email protected] Clinic Site
 Sue Kraft Clerk [email protected]
Matt Belcher Technology Support Specialist [email protected]
Brandy Killian
School Psychologist [email protected] Mrs. Killian’s Website
Jessica Crespo
Behavior Therapist [email protected]
Lawana Thomas Guidance Clerk [email protected]
Kindergarten Learning Leaders
Katie Belcher Kindergarten Team [email protected]
Samantha Fisher Kindergarten Team [email protected] Gone Fishing with Ms. Fisher
Rachel Kenyon Kindergarten Team [email protected] Catch the WAVE with Mrs. Kenyon
Jennifer Lusk Kindergarten Team [email protected] Learning is a HOOT with Mrs. Lusk
Renee Tatman Kindergarten Team [email protected] Mrs. Tatman’s Rockstars
Nicole Miller Kindergarten Team [email protected]
1st Grade Learning Leaders
Carolina Adams
1st Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Adams’ Site
Mary Keller 1st Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Keller’s Site
1st Grade Team
Judy Piggott 1st Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Piggott’s Site
Anu Shinkre 1st Grade Team [email protected]
Cheryl Washington 1st Grade Team [email protected]  Mrs. Washington’s Site
2nd Grade Learning Leaders
Lauren Cooper 2nd Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Cooper’s Site
Kim Rose 2nd Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Rose’s Site
Rob Simpson 2nd Grade Team [email protected] Mr. Simpson’s Site
Dana Smith 2nd Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Smith’s Site
Laurie Hodgdon 2nd Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Hodgdon’s Site
Jill Kamm 2nd Grade Team [email protected]
3rd Grade Learning Leaders
Barbara Allen 3rd Grade Team [email protected]
Rachel Truelove
3rd Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Truelove’s All-Star Leaders
3rd Grade Team
Laura Blaylock 3rd Grade Team [email protected]
Dennis Milite 3rd Grade Team [email protected] Mr. Milite’s Site
3rd Grade Team
JoBeth Oswalt 3rd Grade Team [email protected]
 Yvonne Drost 3rd Grade Team [email protected]
4th Grade Learning Leaders
Jennifer Cramer 4th Grade Team [email protected]
Robie Hagan 4th Grade Team [email protected]
Kristin Fanning 4th Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Fanning’s Site
Heather Shreves 4th Grade Team [email protected]
Elaine Lawless 4th Grade Team [email protected]
Rachel Romano 4th Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Romano’s Site
Tara Dean 4th Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Dean’s Site
5th Grade Learning Leaders
Holly Badger 5th Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Badger’s Site
Lisa Brennan 5th Grade Team [email protected] Mrs. Brennan’s Site
Julie Brock 5th Grade Team [email protected] Ms. Brock’s Site
5th Grade Team
 Michael Marozzi 5th Grade Team [email protected]
 Kelly Neel 5th Grade Team [email protected]

5th Grade Team
Related Arts Team
Tim Heise
Physical Fitness Leader [email protected]
Charlotte Hartley Physical Fitness Leader [email protected]
Matt James Music Leader [email protected]
Andrea Janssen Media Clerk [email protected] Media Site
Julie Stimson Art Leader [email protected]
 Kimberly Hinman Media Leader [email protected] Media Site
Debbie Battaglino Technology Leader [email protected] Mrs. Battaglino’s Site
ESE/Supported Academic Team
Dianne Baker Classroom Teacher
[email protected]
Linda Kaeser Paraprofessional [email protected]
Lisa Kennedy Paraprofessional [email protected]
Megan Hartley
Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Donna Meyer Paraprofessional [email protected]
Jennifer Keller Paraprofessional [email protected]
Jenna Miller Academic Support [email protected] Mrs. Miller’s Site
Catherine Madanick Academic Support [email protected]
Kim Peterson Academic Support Paraprofessional [email protected]
Lissa O’Rourke VPK & PreK [email protected] Mrs. Lissa’s Site
Jessica Allen VPK & PreK [email protected] Mrs. Allen’s Site
Martha Roof PreK Paraprofessional [email protected]
Megan Stone Gifted Consultative Teacher [email protected] Ms. Stone’s Site
Paula Whitlock Physical Therapist [email protected]
Sheryl Bos Occupational Therapist [email protected]
Extended Day Learning Leaders
Tara Kennedy Extended Day Group Leader [email protected] Extended Day Site
Barbara Rauch Extended Day Group Leader [email protected] Extended Day Site
Paula Setzer Extended Day Group Leader [email protected] Extended Day Site
Andria Wolff Extended Day Group Leader [email protected] Extended Day Site
Anita Yurkovich Extended Day Group Leader [email protected] Extended Day Site
Cafeteria Learning Leaders
Paula Hallock Cafeteria Team [email protected] Warrior Cafe
Cafeteria Team Warrior Cafe
Alison Hargus Cafeteria Team [email protected] Warrior Cafe
Maintenance Learning Leaders
Lena Jackson Maintenance Team [email protected]
Gerald Nielsen Maintenance Team [email protected]
Mike Nicks Maintenance Team [email protected]
Lisa Rado Maintenance Team [email protected]
Amy Romano Maintenance Team [email protected]
Robert Zamorano Maintenance Team [email protected]
Parent Teacher Organization
Anne Gillette
President  [email protected]
Jennifer Hughes
1st Vice President
 [email protected]
 Chamane Williams 2nd Vice President
 [email protected]
Amy Miller Recording Secretary  [email protected]
Kimberlee Pagan  Corresponding Secretary  [email protected]
 Alissa Sugrim Treasurer  [email protected]
 Megan Bastow Parliamentarian  [email protected]
Heather Shreves Volunteer Coordinator  [email protected]
 Kimberlee Pagan Room Parent Liaison  [email protected]
 Elizabeth Janssen  School Advisory Committee (SAC) Liaison  [email protected]
 Damorow Jones Business Partner Liasion  [email protected]