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Online Learning Resources & Directions to Access Them

  • No Username or Password is required.
  • Allow the site to “Use my location” at this point you should see “St Johns Public Library” as your library but it also allows you to change libraries.
  • This will give you thousands of resources based on your topic. You can choose magazines, academic journals, books, newspapers, videos, images, videos, and audio. 
  • Some articles will allow you to listen to the audio.

This is a collection of “how-to” articles and videos for everything technology related. You can search by keywords, topics, common problems, or ask questions.

  • Click on Member Login.
  • Username and password is “sjcsd”
  • Epic! offers quizzes, read alouds, audiobooks, and educational videos. All resources are vetted and students do not leave the page to explore these resources.
  • Students will need to be invited by a teacher in order to take advantage of the free resources.
  • Click on the link and create an account.
  • Choose a password and click on your role.
  • Enter your school and what grade(s) you teach.
  • Get started!
  • Go to this link to create an account and get a free month trial.
  • Generation Genius offers science videos, activities, and lessons that are all aligned with the standards. I have used it in the library and kids loved it!

Top Places to find E-Books

  1. St. Johns County Public Library (you must have a library card)
    Go to “e-Library” and use Hoopla, Overdrive, or Rbdigital. They also come in apps available on mobile devices. 
  2. The Gutenberg Project 45,000 ebooks and access to 100,000 of their partners.
  3. Create a free account to access 5 free books a month.  Paid accounts can access more.
  4. Google Play e-Bookstore and Amazon Kindle have options for free e-Books.
  5. Feedbooks is a platform for books that are public domain (i.e. classics) no account is necessary.
  6. is like the Wikipedia of books. It is an editable library catalog. To borrow a book, you will need to create an account.

  7. MackinVia e-Books from the Wards Creek collection.  From the first page asking for your school/library, type in Wards Creek Elementary School, it will ask for your login which is your E# and computer password, for students it would be their S# and password. There aren’t many titles, but some may help you.