Warrior Cafe Procedures

Welcome to the Warrior Café

 Each student will be issued a lunch account scanner code. Students will put this scanner code on their lanyard. Students must wear their lanyard to the lunch room. The student will scan their scanner code for ALL purchases made in the Warrior Café.

Students will get a letter/email/phone call when their account gets below $10.00. Parents may sign up at paypams.com to make payments and to get email notices when their student’s account is low on money. Parents may also send cash or check made payable to Wards Creek Café.

You may put a limit on your child’s account by sending an email to [email protected].
Please include your child’s full name and what limit you want on their account. Here are a few examples: lunch only, $ dollar amount per day, 1 extra per day or 1 extra on Friday.