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Welcome to The STEM Lab Page

Below you’ll find helpful links that relate to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Teach Your Monster How to Read

Kindergarten reading skills

Teaching Books STEM Reading List

Non-fiction books and multimedia resources to explore


Prodigy Math Game

Math skills for 1st to 8th grade

Digital Safety & Citizenship

Common Sense | Digital Passport

Learn to use technology responsibly


Play to learn about digital safety and citizenship

Typing Skills

Dance Mat Typing

Fun game for beginners to learn touch typing

Typing Club

Learn and practice touch typing skills

Nitro Type

Improve your typing speed

Coding Skills

Learn and practice coding skills


Program your own interactive stories, games, and animations


Take your coding skills beyond the screen to a micro:bit


Lego Education

Build and learn with Lego

Microsoft Education

Hands-on activities using everyday materials


You're the future explorers!

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