Meet Our Lighthouse Team!

Meet our Lighthouse Team!

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Lighthouse Team Member How long have you been teaching or in education? And how long have you been a part of the Wards Creek Family? Why do you think  that the 7 Habits are so impactful and what’s best for our students and our community? What’s your favorite habit and why is it your favorite?
Edie Jarrell, Principal I joined the Wards Creek family in January 2012 after serving as the Assistant Principal at Cunningham Creek for three years. Before moving to St. Johns County, I enjoyed 27 years of service in Duval County as a Teacher, Media Specialist, Administrative Instructional Support, and Assistant Principal. The 7 Habits are a set of universal timeless principles which have helped us build a student leadership culture at our school.  Our students are empowered to set goals, own their own learning, and be a positive member of a highly effective learning community My favorite habit is actually Habit 8 – Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs.  It’s the habit Covey added 20 years after his original work.  It’s all about putting the 1st 7 habits in motion – I believe we are all on a mission and once we know what that is – we should pursue it with passion and excitement.
Kevin Klein, Assistant Principal

I am coming from Osceola Elementary after serving as the Assistant Principal for 3 years. I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Art in Psychology where I also attended grad school earning my Masters in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. After moving to central Florida in 1997 Ibegan my career as a Guidance Counselor in an elementary school. I have worked for Saint Johns County School District since 2003 and I am extremely excited to be a part of the Warrior Family!


It is extremely important to emphasize that students learn leadership skills that will allow them to be productive citizens to society. These skills will help them become more marketable in the future workplace.


Habit #3 – Put First Things First – To realize that certain things have priority and that it’s okay not to be able to accomplish everything desired in one day.

Leanne Adolf, Guidance Counselor      
Jenna Miller, K-2 ESE Teacher, I have been in education for 11 years and this is my 2nd year in the Wards Creek family.      My favorite habit is Begin with the End in Mind. It’s my favorite because if you don’t know where you want to go, you will never get there.
Holly Badger, 5th Grade Teacher I am a 10th year teacher, with experience in both Duval  and St. Johns Counties.  My educational journey has taken me from Kindergarten through  5th grades.  I joined the WCE family in the 2010-2011 as an ESE teacher  for 1st and 5th grades and have taught 5th grade Math and Science for the past two years. The intent of the “Leader in Me” is for every student to find the leader in themselves.  When a child realizes the potential that is within them and then embarks on a journey to discover and develop the leader they are meant to be through the 7-Habits – it is life changing: for the student – in their daily lives, for the teacher – in the classroom atmosphere, for the family – in relationships, and for the community – in group projects! My favorite habit is Think Win-Win!  In the 21st Century working together is imperative.  The mindset of someone’s right and someone’s wrong is counterproductive, demoralizing, and time consuming.  When you are with people who understand the principles of Thinking Win-Win – you are unstoppable and every task is completed with the combined strengths of everyone!
Veronica Fuata, 2nd GradeTeacher  I have been in education since 1997 and came to Wards Creek in 2012!   It’s not just about academics! It’s about the WHOLE person and that in turn affects our WHOLE community!  Sharpen the Saw is definitely my favorite! I stay so busy with life, so it feels really good to relax with my loves once in a while.
Andrea Janssen, Media Assistant  

I have been in education over nine years. I began at Mill Creek and came into the Wards Creek Family when the school opened!

 The 7 Habits have huge impact on each of us by instilling in us a belief system that gives us the ability to improve, enlighten and encourage each other, as well as the power to achieve our own goals.   It is difficult to pick one habit for me. Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood is my first choice because it is a goal of mine to become a much more intrinsic listener. My hope is that this will allow me to be a better person, friend, mother,wife, and teacher. 

I also love the 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness, because I love the thought of helping someone else to be better and shine brighter!

Lisa Bielefeldt, 2nd Grade Teacher I started working as a substitute teacher in St. Johns County in 2003.  The following year I started teaching kindergarten full time at Mill Creek Elementary.  I came to Wards Creek when it opened in 2007 and have loved being a part of the Warrior family! I have taught kindergarten for 6 years, first grade for 2 years and am now teaching second grade.  Currently, I am in school to earn a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.   The 7 Habits give our students a framework upon which they can develop the skills and mindset necessary to become successful, effective members of our learning community.  Through the 7 Habits our students are empowered to discover and embrace the qualities they possess to have a positive impact in their homes, their schools and their communities. My favorite habits are the first three… Be Proactive (You’re in Charge), Begin with the End in Mind (Have a Plan), and Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play).  Dr. Covey refers to these habits as the “Private Victory” and they form the foundation for personal life skills that can enhance anyone’s life.  By doing my best to live these habits, I have become a more effective teacher and mom .  I am passionate about giving all of my students the opportunity to learn about and live these habits!
Dana Smith, 2nd Grade Teacher I graduated from UNF in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and then I went on to earn my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership.  I’ve been teaching for 15 years, five of those have been here at Wards Creek. I am currently teaching second grade and loving it! I believe that the 7Habits lay the foundation for a successful life.  They’re universal principles that apply to all people whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or business person.  I think our students are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn these life lessons so early, as it will benefit them for the rest of their lives and the lives of everyone who comes in contact with them. My favorite habit is “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  We have two ears and one mouth for a reason, which means we should listen twice as much as we talk. This is arguably the most difficult habit.  It requires a lot of practice to be able to listen without interjecting comments or solutions.  Many times people just want someone to listen to them, not offer them advice. Being a great listener is key to being a successful communicator and leader.
Renee Tatman, Kindergarten Teacher I started working in St. Johns County as a substitute teacher in 2001 while I went to graduate school. In 2004, I started working at Mill Creek Elementary and came to Wards Creek when the school opened. I have defintely found my home away from home and am proud to say that I am a Warrior! I enjoy hearing the children using the 7 Habit language and setting goals for themselves. They feel empowered to make good choices for and work hard to reach those goals. We are giving these children the confidence and tools they need to be successful in life. My favorite habit is Sharpen the Saw! There are four dimensions in renewing your body, heart, mind, and spirit. For the Physical Dimension, I enjoy running.  For the Spiritual Dimension, I enjoy yoga. For the Mental Dimension, I love to read and wish I could have more time to do so. Finally, for the Social Dimension,   I enjoy any time spent with my family. The best time spent is when we are camping or at Disney.